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June 24, 2019
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Honda Portable Pump
Posted On: Jul 15, 2010

SOP:     2.078   
TYPE:   Operations                                                                                                              
TITLE:   Honda Portable Pump   
DATE:   June 7, 2006      

Outline procedure for using new portable pump for island fires, or other locations where needed.
The Norwalk Fire Department has just purchased a lightweight, high-pressure portable pump that can be used for grass fires on the Norwalk Islands or any other area that is inaccessible to a pumper. The pump and accessories will be located at Station 3. Engine 3’s crew will transport the equipment and operate it unless directed otherwise by the Deputy Chief on duty.
Honda model WH20X four cycle portable pump
gas can
20’ length of flexible hard suction hose with floating strainer
200’ of 1” forestry-type hose with a variable pattern fog nozzle in carryall bag
pail for priming water
gated wye
1 ½” X 1” reducer
  1. In the event the pump needs to be used the equipment listed above should be brought to the scene along with at least one high rise pack. Depending on location, bringing additional lengths of 1 ¾” hose may be desirable.
  1. Stretch the 150’ of 1 ¾” high rise hose from the pump toward the fire scene.
  2. Use the high-rise pack nozzle with the ½ overhaul tip attached. This will provide 50 GPM at adequate pressure. Additional lengths of 1 ¾”may be added without a large increase in friction loss. 
  1. Up to 200’ of the forestry hose can be added to the end of the 1 ¾” line. This will increase your reach and maneuverability. Keep in mind that this will cut down on your flow rate considerably.
Keep in Mind that:
The pump needs to be primed before starting the motor. You do this by removing the priming water filler cap, and filling the pump with water using the pail.
The pump will run approximately one hour under a full load on a tank of gasoline.
All equipment needs to be flushed with fresh water after being used in salt water.
G:\SOP's\2.0 Operations\2.078_Honda port. pump.doc

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