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June 24, 2019
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RIT Operations
Updated On: Jul 15, 2010

SOP:        2.005
TYPE:      Operations
TITLE:     RIT Operations
DATE:     February 1, 2010     

  1. The National Fire Protection Association Standard 1500, Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program (2007 ed.), states: “emergency services personnel respond to many incidents that present a high risk to personnel safety. Departments…must have a minimum of two persons on scene, fully equipped when members are operating in an IDLH or potentially IDLH atmosphere. The primary purpose is the rescue of injured, lost or trapped firefighters. As the incident escalates the rapid intervention component should expand and become a dedicated rapid intervention crew/company.”
  1. The Norwalk Fire Department shall always operate with a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) present at all structure fires and any other incidents deemed to present a serious hazard to operating personnel.
  1. Initial Dispatch
    1. Initial RIT unit assigned will normally be the second arriving Truck Company but an Engine Company can be substituted if necessary
    2. A replacement unit must be on scene if the Incident Commander (IC) needs to assign the original RIT to other duties.
    3. Once an incident has been reported under control, IC can assign RIT as needed, or a RIT may no longer be assigned.
  1. Staging and Set Up
Upon arrival as the RIT, a RIT staging area will be set up near the Command Post. Each member will be equipped with full PPE, including an SCBA, box light, and a radio turned to channel #3 (talk-around)
1.      The officer is responsible for having the following equipment:
a.      Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) if available
b.      Accountability Sheet (line-up)
c.      Use tag system as specified in Accountability SOP 2.081
2.      The Irons (nozzle) position is responsible for the following:
a.      Set of Irons
b.      Vent or straight chain saw
c.      Rotary saw
3.      The can (hydrant) position is responsible for the following equipment:
a.      Pressurized water extinguisher
b.      6’ foot hook
c.      RIT Tarp
d.      Two (2) RIT bags
4.      The driver is responsible for the following equipment:
a.      halligan bar
b.      6’ foot hook
c.      150’ rope bag for search
5.      When an Engine replaces a Truck as RIT they should use the RIT equipment that has been already assembled on the RIT tarp by the Truck crew
  1. Initial On-Scene Duties:
1.      A complete 360° size-up of the building needs to be done. The entire company with the exception of the driver will perform this.
2.      During the 360° evaluate, and if needed, perform the following:
a.      Secondary access and egress points
b.      Locking devices (force lock open if able, control door)
c.      Security measures (bars, gates, plexi-glass)
d.      Ladder placement points
e.      Fire conditions
3.      Driver will check with the first due Truck to evaluate if it can be used to access the fire building.
4.      Irons and Can position will place a minimum of two ground ladders against the fire building as directed by the officer.
5.      The officer will confirm with the IC the locations where companies are assigned and operating.
D.    Duties while incident continues:
1.      Check in with and standby the IC
2.      Stand-by in a ready position monitoring fire conditions.
3.      Continue to monitor locations of operating companies
4.      Monitor the radio for:
a.      Progress reports
b.      Emergency traffic
c.      May Days
G:\SOP's\2.0 Operations\SOP 2.005_RIT.doc

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