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April 07, 2020
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Sara Beckert Week 13
Updated On: Mar 05, 2020

WARM UPS: Remember before you work out, take 10-15 minutes to warm up.  These exercises should include: (pick which you prefer)

Internal/external rotations

Hip rotations 10 per side

Bird Dog x 20 total

Supine Bridges x 10

Kneeling single arm upside down KB shoulder press

I/T/Y prone on bench

Air squats

T-spine rotations

Day 1:

Dead Lift x 8 sets x 5 reps- use what you think 75% of 1RM is

Sliders Supine bridges x 10 x 8

Then: with vest:

Bear Crawls x 40 sec

Stairs wearing a weighted vest x 40sec

In place reverse lunges x 40 sec

Sand Bag squat to over head x 40 sec

Sand bag burpees x 40 sec

Jog wearing vest and with sand bag x 1 min

Rest x 2 min

Repeat for a total of 3 rounds

DAY 2:

40 sec on 20 sec off:

Rope slams

Jumping Lunges

Push Ups

Ball Slams

Wall Sits

  • Perform one ex. 40 sec on then during rest move to the next exercise for a total of 7 rounds


20 DB curls

20 DB Skull Crushers

DB Bent over lateral raises

Plank hold 30 Sec

 X 3

Day 3:


DB Dead lifts (the heads of the dumb bells touch the ground)

Push Ups

Box Jumps



ROW 2 K for time

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